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Chapter Committees:
Growing Leaders - Leadership
Growing Leaders - Healthy Lifestyle
  1/1/2019  - Slim Jim January
The chapter members will be challenged to get moving on accomplishing their New Year's Resolution related to fitness through a step challenge. Prizes will be awarded to three different levels of step achievements. This event is to get our members up and moving to stay active in the winter time.
Growing Leaders - Personal Growth
Growing Leaders - Scholarship
  1/4/2019  - On-A-Roll
On-A-Roll is an activity that promotes academic success within our chapter. A doughnut will be given to those FFA members that were placed on the honor roll for the first semester. This activity will be carried out by the junior officers. They will be in charge of getting the honor roll list from the school office, ordering the doughnuts from the local bakery, and finally handing out the doughnuts during the school day.
Growing Leaders - Career Success
Strengthening Agriculture - Chapter Recruitment
Strengthening Agriculture - Safety
Strengthening Agriculture - Agricultural Literacy
Strengthening Agriculture - Agricultural Advocacy
Strengthening Agriculture - Support Group
  2/16/2019  - Work Auction
 The work auction is an event where members of the chapter volunteer to be auctioned off to local farmers for labor. The Chapter elects a committee who is in charge of planning the work auction.  The committee is in charge of getting an auctioneer, finding a suitable location for the auction to be held, and advertising the auction to the community. The Chapter holds the work auction during the weekend before FFA Week. Before the auction even begins some of the members bring a meal, which is served with a free will donation.  A past advisor advertises the member being auctioned off, then the bidding begins.  The bidding can range between $65-$130.  The members purchased are committed to work 4 hours, to whoever won the bidding.  This work can range from helping to pull weeds in a garden to cutting down trees in a pasture. 
Building Communities - Economic Development
Building Communities - Environmental
Building Communities - Human Resources
  4/1/2019  - Personal Hygiene Drive
In this activity, the committee members will go around to each SIP (student improvement period) class and hand out boxes for the personal hygiene drive and explain what it is and where the produces go. Throughout the weeks the SIP classes will collect items and have a competition with the other SIP classes to see which class can collect the most items. The winner of the competition will receive a pizza party, courtesy of the chapter. 
Building Communities - Citizenship
  1/5/2019  - Light up the Lighthouse with FFA

The chapter will go to the Lighthouse for Christ, a local organization that supports those in greater need. The chapter will bring in bags of canned food and will work for four hours. Through this opportunity, the members will be able to give back to the lighthouse that supports many at-risk families in the community. Some tasks that will be taken care of at the Lighthouse will include stocking shelves and sorting through clothes, shoes, and home items. The members will not only be serving the community, but will be able to build stronger relationships between the officers, members, and community members.

Building Communities - Stakeholder Engagement
Chapter Officers:
Caitlin Cramer
Emilee Sweet
Vice President
Katherine Sleichter
Brooke Germann
Emma Smith


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