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Chapter Committees:
Growing Leaders - Leadership
  9/29/2019  - Fundamentals of FFA
In order to prepare for the upcoming year, the officers will put on a fundamental workshop regarding opportunities offered throughout the year. This event will take place at the first chapter meeting in August of 2019. The topics will range anywhere from committee training to the monthly chapter activities and SAEs. This will give new and returning members a look at the upcoming year, and an opportunity to get involved in the chapter. 
Growing Leaders - Healthy Lifestyle
  1/1/2020  - Slim Jim January
High school students will be encouraged to stay active during the winter months by having a step competition. There will be different levels of prizes based on the number of steps achieved. The steps will be recorded in a spreadsheet for easy access. This event is to help the whole school stay active as we promote a healthy lifestyle.
Growing Leaders - Personal Growth
Growing Leaders - Scholarship
Growing Leaders - Career Success
Strengthening Agriculture - Chapter Recruitment
Strengthening Agriculture - Safety
  10/4/2019  - Progressive Ag Safety Day

Farm Safety day is a day where the FFA Chapter invites the 4th and 5th graders in the entire district to the county fairgrounds to learn about life on the farm and how to stay safe in a farm environment. This year our focus is safety on the farm as well as 21st-century agriculture techniques. 

Strengthening Agriculture - Agricultural Literacy
Strengthening Agriculture - Agricultural Advocacy
Strengthening Agriculture - Support Group
  2/22/2020  - Work Auction
 The FFA work auction is an event where members of the chapter volunteer to be auctioned off to local community members for labor. The Chapter elects a committee who is in charge of planning the work auction.  The committee is in charge of getting an auctioneer, finding a suitable place to hold the auction, and advertising the auction to the community. The Chapter holds the work auction during the weekend before FFA Week. Before the auction even begins there is a meal hosted by a group of students who are fundraising to attend Washington Leadership Conference, which is served with a free will donation. The members are introduced by an FFA supporter, then the bidding begins.  The starting bid for each member and alumna selling is $50.  The members purchased are committed to work 4 hours, to whoever won the bidding.  This work can include helping to pull weeds in a garden, babysitting, cutting down trees in a pasture, and more. 
Building Communities - Economic Development
Building Communities - Environmental
Building Communities - Human Resources
  10/1/2019  - Personal Hygiene Drive
In this activity, the committee members will go around to each advisory class and hand out boxes for the personal hygiene drive and explain what it is and where and who the supplies will go too. Throughout the week the advisory classes will collect items and have a competition with the other advisory classes to see which class can collect the most items. The winner of the competition will receive a pizza party, courtesy of the chapter. The chapter officers and members will sort through the hygiene items and box them up to be delivered to the schools. 
Building Communities - Citizenship
Building Communities - Stakeholder Engagement
  10/17/2019  - Hungry Hungry Harvesters
Our FFA chapter officers and members will go to each CVA and Farmers CO-OP location in town and a few surrounding communities. We have partnered with different business to donate water as part of our snack. We will have a bag of home-baked goods made by members or a bag of chips and a water bottle showing our appreciation to our farmers for all their hard work day in and day out while still supporting our chapter and community. We will be doing this during fall harvest and will invite farmers who are done with harvest as well. If we can get farm bureau to partner with us we might be able to do a full meal for the farmers.
Chapter Officers:
Colt Benfer
Vice President
Lane Musselman
Morgan Siebold


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